Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Frets

Friday. That says it all doesn't it. And for me it's a real Friday. I don't have to work Saturday or Sunday; yea! It's supposed to snow Saturday and/or Sunday so I really appreciate that I am not working this weekend. We were supposed to have snow overnight but there was none to be seen this morning. Sooner or later our luck is going to run our and we are going to get the mother of all storms. But that would be borrowing tomorrow's trouble.

I just had a lightbulb experience. I just realized that I am actually typing. Okay, I can hear the murmuring across the Ethernet. But, you don't understand that I never took typing class. Every time it got put on my course selection card my dad would march down to the guidance office and demand that it be removed. So I showed up at college to major in Journalism and didn't know how to type. Punching out stories on the broken office practice Selectric with 3 sticky keys and the non-return key for the school paper and the local paper's journalism workshop worked fine because we only published once a week. That system did not work for writing in-class news articles in an hour, or for term papers before word processors when mistakes meant retyping the whole page. Then there was the ordeal of formatting footnotes without wysiwyg.

But even when I recently returned to finish the last leg of my BA I still used a less than QWERTY fingering system to get my work done. So last summer I decided to use one of the online tutorials and start learning the fundamentals of touch-typing. I hadn't paid much attention to general text typing but it seems that my brain and my fingers are starting to work out a system for telling each other which key is needed and where to find it without interrupting my thoughts too much. I have no aspirations for achieving the 60-80 wpm that the old school typists were required to accomplish. Actually, I am not certain that kind of wear and tear is an ethical employment expectation; but that is fodder for another day's post.

Moving on to my main reason for writing, I have been contemplating how to find another job. So I was thinking about what kind of job I would like to see posted--hey, it doesn't hurt to dream. So if I am going to change jobs what things am I looking for; and these are some of the things that came to mind: a regular schedule of M-F between the hours of 8 and 6 (5 preferred), guaranteed vacation time without blackout dates, better pay, at least some holidays off, cut my commute in half, guaranteed 20 hours minimum per week, that my writing and research skills figure prominently in the major tasks, and that there is some room to grow.

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