Sunday, January 7, 2007

Post Holidays

I think the holidays are finally over. Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. But this year it has been more chaotic than recently typical.

Parents and adult children tend to have quieter holiday celebrations than when the children were tots. And we had gotten accustomed to that tone. Then one child married and that introduced a new person with a different set of holiday traditions. It also introduced the concept of sharing their time at holidays with the spouse's family. Now there is a grandchild to also share and various other relatives and their various time commitments to account for in these family gathering plans.

The result has been that it feels as though the holidays began about November 22nd and have been running nonstop until this evening when the youngest child went back to college. So, we are back to 2 adults and 1 cat; oh yeah, and an empty refrigerator. On that note, I think I will cut this short and just bask in the silence.

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