Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Really, I Love to Read

New Year's, when I was compiling my list of books read in the past 12 months, I was dismayed that there were so few (or at least so few that I remember finishing). And even though in my sidebar Our Endangered Values (Carter) is listed as my current read; you don't want to know how long I have been working on it.

Then there is my pending stack of books to be read. Among those is The Narnian (Jacobs) which was last year's Christmas present, Fiasco (Ricks) which is on loan from my brother, and a biography of John Kerry I was given. I have dabbled among the pages of these but it has been so hard to find the peace and the setting for really curling up with a book.

That said, there is also my own writing to work on and I have been more into movies of late. It used to be novel for me to see a movie once a year but in the past year I think I have seen 6 in-theatre films alone. Then I discovered the DVD section of our library and found a lot of movies that either I missed eons ago or I haven't seen since I was a kid. Okay, I'm hooked; at least for a while. Probably it's a fad that will run its course and fade in time.

From time to time I will comment on some of the books I have read in case anyone has overlooked the titles based on their covers. That will probably scare all of you away because I have broad but unusual tastes in books. And we'll just leave it at that for now. Maybe I should put a pending read list in my sidebar and cross off the titles when I finish them for accountability? I'll think about it.

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