Saturday, January 27, 2007

This Week

This has been a gnarly week. Don't you love the word gnarly; the way it rolls off the tongue all gutteral and sort of growly? Okay, I'm a word freak. And while I like to find new words that say what I mean better than my worn out standbys, I like to experiment with words that have unusual sounds. So words like gnarly, and grousing, and irascible really tickle my ears. Hmmm, maybe it's time to reread Pride and Prejudice with its thither and mischance? Anyway.

I have been reading a writing blogger who this week commented on advice she received several years ago that she would not really develop her writing talent until she depended on it to pay the bills. She is now deciding that it was advice she should have acted on earlier and has started taking steps to make it happen. I see and understand the reasoning in that line of thinking but, and this is a big but, she has had several paid freelance articles and stories so she has a decent portfolio and publishers to back up her claim to writing. I had stuff published at university through competitive selection but that is somehow not the same.

There was a new posting online for a local contract on-site proofreader. But a couple of statements in the post throw up red flags as to the authenticity of there being paid work to get. It sort of sounds like they may be using an application process to get free proofreading of a manuscript done through a "proofreading test" process. Sorry if I sound cynical but it is an old trick. Also sorry if it sounds like I am caught in an analysis loop but this is really more like I have to feel my way around the walls to figure out where the door is; if that makes any sense.


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