Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Writing as Business

Today I opened the file where the business plan outline and the beginnings of a mission statement have been collecting dust these many months. Unfortunately it was sketchier than I recalled it being. While there is the remotest chance that I am not looking at the most recent version, I honestly believe this is all there is. And while I am not as hopeful as I was yesterday when I remembered starting this and believing I was on the right track, I recognize that even "finished" business plans and mission statements are works in progress. So from that perspective I am "on the spectrum" even if I am out in the "invisible light" range; to draw a corollary from astro-physics class.

Also, for today I am not feeling much like a writer. So I spent a lot of time pondering on why. The bottom-line answer is because I am not actually writing that much. True, I write more than the average person but some of this stuff doesn't count in my writing audit. Now writing on this blog does count. To a degree my pen and paper journaling counts because I include topics and quotes to save and so forth. But I haven't had anything published since fall; and that was just 75 words. Reading other writers' blogs and articles really tweaks me from both sides; that I don't have anything important to say that hasn't been said and that I am trying to break into an overcrowded field with no chance of making a decent living. So while I am finding a banquet of fascinating stories and suggestions I wonder if I will get to employ them.

Kristen and another coach have launched a query submission challenge, the link to Kristen's blog is in yesterday's post. This was another issue to ponder today. I have decided that this challenge is beyond me but I think I need to develop a challenge idea for my skill and experience level. Even if I could keep up with the query submission part, there is no way I have the experience to handle potential number of projects that might be generated. And not fulfilling commitments does not set well with me. So over the next few days I will work out a submission plan and goal and let you know how it turns out.

On another front, I have not been that excited about all this pink. So at some time in future I will be changing my template. If blogging about writing becomes too prominent here I will consider opening another blog and morph the existing posts about writing to that site.

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