Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Deadlines and a Topics List

Wow! Is it ever snowing outside. But I have nowhere I need to go this evening so I will be hunkering down. I did see this coming so I made plans like going to the library for a book, Gift from the Sea - Lindbergh, and a DVD, You've Got Mail. Yes, I am a sucker for The Shop Around the Corner in all versions.

I also have some writing to work on because I have deadlines for two submissions coming up shortly. The nonfiction is about 90-95% done. Okay, I didn't start from scratch I retooled a rejected article from a couple of years ago. But I don't think that should matter because the first article was written in 3rd person and this is an essay written from a 1st person perspective.

The second is harder because it is fiction which is a genre I don't have that much experience in. Nor do I feel a draw towards fiction as a rule, but I think occasionally "dabbling" in the genre helps my narrative flow; and especially in practicing the old "showing versus telling." So I hold open the option to choose another type submission should this not be working out and a more feasible type come forward. I do not know why this fiction deadline is so early this year. It has been the first Friday in March forever. Also this year, with the holiday, the two deadlines are really the same day and two days earlier than noted because the local post office doesn't PM on Sundays or Holidays. Sometimes life isn't fair.

Taking a cue from Kristen, I have started generating a list of topics or article ideas. Of course not everything on the list can be accomplished in 300-700 words. But at this point the list is really an idea generating list. I got so many ideas from reading other people's lists that I wondered if rereading my own list would have the same effect; and guess what...it does.

Here are some things on the list:

  • Who Recites the Integers of Pi; and Why?
  • On a Budget: the Library Offers More Than Books
  • Low-cost and Educational Activities for Snow Days
  • Tax-time without Tears
  • Three Things You Can Do to Reduce Junk Mail and Telemarketing in 60 Days
Like I said above not everything on the list is a short topic but it might inspire a shorter topic later.