Friday, February 9, 2007

Frozen Friday

I think my system is starting to rebel at being subjected to such intense cold weather for so many days in a row. I have not felt warm all day despite having 2 sweaters on and the gas fireplace going at work, in addition to the furnace. No, I'm not coming down with anything. This isn't that pre-sick achy chill. It's different; my hands and feet feel like popsicles, and it feels like a draft is blowing on my neck. It's very distracting to say the least but it is difficult to work efficiently which is a major problem.

I did manage to get a few more bird pictures this morning. I want to try again tomorrow. I had my first ever Tufted Titmouse this morning; but they are such an animated species it is more of a challenge to get a crisp photo. I will have more time to stake out the feeder since I don't work tomorrow. Other visitors were a pair of Black-capped Chickadees and several Slate-colored Juncos; the latter tend to be ground feeders and I don't have a good angle for pictures from the window to the floor of the deck. Once I have a gallery of decent photos I will post the group together.

On other fronts, this is turning out to be a congested weekend. I haven't been working weekends recently but I agreed to cover an office for a couple of hours on Sunday while the salesperson is out giving a client a tour. This would not usually be a problem but one of our kids had a best friend lose a parent suddenly so they are coming in from college for the services. All of this will be better to organize once the family announces when the services will be, but for the present we have to juggle lists of contingencies. "We" wouldn't be attending but we want to support the child who is trying to support the friend. And since there won't be another trip back until spring break our family wants to have a group meal.

In addition to all of these extenuating circumstances, there is still writing I need to work on in order to meet these upcoming deadlines. I didn't get to write this morning because I had a self-imposed deadline for getting the tax package out the door today. And that is one item off my plate and out of my brain for the present. But I have tried to make up for the non-writing by creatively mulling about the fiction project. So I think I am going to take it easy this evening and rest up for the weekend blitz.


Laurel Wreath said...

OH I have to do tax stuff also today =) I want it off my plate.

G's Cottage said...

Laurel: I hope you got your tax stuff done. Sorry it took so long to answer but Blogger didn't show any comments waiting when I checked my account over the weekend. Nice to know you stopped by though.