Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More Thoughts on Reasons; and the Role of My Blog

After I posted my 5 reasons yesterday I was reminded of one of the original reasons I considered blogging. A blogging writer wrote something along the line that for an aspiring writer, not blogging should be considered a lost opportunity. If anyone has a clue who wrote that let me know so I can give proper attribution because I have lost the notation. (Well, not lost as in the gone-for-good category but rather in the filed too cleverly category.)

I had a couple of pet blogs I had been reading for sometime but blogging had seemed too popular and almost over-exposed. So I wasn't seeing a place to fit in. But that statement lost opportunity jump-started a contemplation and exploration process about my writing, my writing goals, and the lack of a community in the writing world since I left university. Also, I came to a distinct leading at my retreat at the end of the year that my work life and writing life needed a complete overhaul in the next 12 months. And part of that overhaul process is making a number of bold decisions about how I'm using my time and my writing. But I don't always feel bold and daring; that is not to be confused with wild and reckless, and there is a difference.

So, I laid out my argument for starting a blog to a couple of well-chosen individuals (who are not writers but support my pursuit of a writing career) and in each case the person fully supported my interest. When I pointed out to one of them that it meant giving away more of my work - in a manner of speaking - he suggested seeing The Pursuit of Happyness. It is not perfect but a couple of points came home to roost: What differentiates between surviving and living? What are you willing to give up to get where you want to go/be?

I don't think in terms of 5 year plans anymore; about 2 is as far ahead as I have lamplight. I have been encouraged to get some business saavy, some organizational skills, some style and grammar aides, a mission statement, and specific goals with deadlines. But in the press of all those good things, one thing was getting squashed out - the writing itself. That's where I am now; I just need to do the writing. If I don't have those other things nailed they'll get taken care of when they are needed. But what good is a writing business if it has a plan, a mission statement, an AP/AR ledger, and a library of resources if no writing ever gets done?


sylvia c. said...


You make a great point.

No more frills. Just do it.

I enjoyed reading about your decision to start a blog.

I remember when I first started I was very conscientious about everything I wrote.

Now, it just feels natural!

I'm glad I found your blog!
I plan on putting you on my blogroll when I get around to it!


Sylvia C.

ps- I couldn’t read German to save my life. I have only learned from listening and then trying it out. Having been there 13 times I am still sorely disappointed with my own speaking abilities.

G's Cottage said...

I thought after a few posts I would "figure out" - as in make a set of once-for-all decisions about - what, how, how often, and from what standpoint I would be blogging. However, I have been coming around to accepting that this blog is a growth journal and I am becoming comfortable with that role. At the same time I am working up a topic-specific blog to launch soon but I am not linking it in anyway to this blog due to the subject matter.