Sunday, February 4, 2007

Setting Goals and Challenging Myself

Kristen's 2007 Query Challenge has been yipping at my ankles so I have set out a graduated series of submission goals for my writing this year. While some out there might view this as a set of "sissy" goals, it would be a big improvement on my submission rate of the past 18 months. And quite honestly, while I liked the idea of being part of a challenge group, the prospect of attempting 120 submissions in 12 months was oppressing instead of motivating. I think in another year when I have my writing legs under me more securely that will not be the case. In the meantime I have worked out a system that is a stretch, and moves me out of my comfort zone.

So here goes...My overall goal is no fewer than 12 submissions in 2007. By the term submissions I am including everything whether it is a query/proposal, a competition entry or a completed article looking for a publication. January is gone so that leaves me with 11 months not 12 to make the goal. The first quarter's goal is 1-2 submissions each month (February and March) so that would be between 2 and 4 total for the quarter.

So, even though I will not be registering as an official 2007 Query Challenge participant, I feel a part of the spirit of the group.

As a footnote, I would remind readers that not only will I be working on these submissions but also I work at a job; and I am back to working on my business plan and mission statement. Also, I am still working on doing good writing faster and that is a growth issue that will serve me down the road.

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