Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day and Catching Up

I can't believe I haven't posted anything since Friday. Of course, I knew the weekend would be hectic with our college-age son in for a funeral. But his car started stalling once he got in town. On the one hand it was another wrench in the works, but the mechanic he trusts with his aging Intrepid is here. So it was down to the wire on Monday for him to get to the shop first so the car could be fixed the same day in order to get back to college before the blizzard hit. Whew; and none too soon.

Fortunately most of life here in middle America has come to a standstill today. Our street didn't even get plowed until late afternoon. The malls closed, the theatres closed, even the city/county offices closed except essential personnel. I am so glad I renewed my car registration before I went to work yesterday. But I hope I can get to a grocery store tomorrow. It doesn't look good for driving to the base so I may have to shop on the economy for this week.

I haven't forgotten the bird pictures. I just haven't managed to capture a good view of the Tufted Titmouse, nor have I had time to upload and edit the photos I have taken recently. Since I am working on two submission deadlines the rest of this week, I think it will be next week before the bird photo gallery gets posted.

I am starting to become aware of all of the shoveling I did today. Unfortunately I think there will be shoveling again tomorrow. This is a major undertaking because our drive comes down a slope, around the end of the house, and the garage is down in half the basement. In addition there is a large off-street parking pad that accommodates 8 cars in a pinch. And no, if we are not expecting a lot of guests we only shovel the half closest to the house. We are not completely out of our minds.

I have also figured out the library's online "pin" system so I can request materials from the entire system even if they are not open. So I have 2 books on hold for "next returned copy" of Beyond the Resume... (Gray) and If You Want to Write (Ueland). I do not expect either of these to be recreational reading.

Okay, I am yawning way too much. I think it is time to bid adieu.

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