Sunday, February 18, 2007

Submitting Work and More Ideas

I actually made my first submission for 2007. So why don't I feel triumphant? Maybe the fact that it is after 10pm and I was up before the sun this morning has something to do with my current ho-hum outlook. I'll let you know if it feels differently in the morning.

I have decided against entering the fiction piece I was contemplating. I have lots of parts and back story but the main story line has not revealed itself so it isn't fit to be seen. The work was not in vain however, because working on narrative and showing revealed problems in the nonfiction essay I was working on for the first submission.

I have two ideas I am working up as potential queries. One is on email and the other is a possible book review. The first one, on email, I might go ahead and write for an article archive. The second one is a bit more tentative. I haven't written a review of anything in a couple of years so I am going to be rusty at it, especially since a book review is not a book report.

Another idea I have been tossing around is starting another blog. This one would be genre specific and targeted to a specific audience. It would also be looking for a Google ranking so it could be found by the target audience. The scary part is that it will be impossible to be as guarded as I am here. And as such I will not be linking the two to each other in the interest of the anonymity of friends and family. I have additionally considered - and explored - whether this blog might be of interest to any of the paying blog publishers. While a couple have this topic in their seek listings there are issues that might make paid blogging not feasible for the present; at least where this topic is concerned.

So that is tonight's update. I'm off.

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