Monday, March 12, 2007

An Encouraging Word

I received a response to my submission package and I have been invited to an orientation meeting. When I replied that I can't make the meeting, because I can't change my work schedule on such short notice, the response was "we'll schedule an alternate date and let you know when it is." At this point there is still no commitment on either side but it is the most dialogue I have exchanged with a potential client for quite a while.

But whether I go to an orientation or decide I am still interested or even get through the cut process, the biggest benefit has been the winnowing process of writing this specific cover letter. Most postings I respond to are like the outer rings of the bull's eye and describing who I am in terms they understand has always been like communicating in a foreign language. But this time, even though it is an entry-level subcontract slot, I was able to take their words and show where I fit on their spectrum; and I had the right samples to demonstrate it.

And now I know what has been stalling my efforts to write my writing mission statement. I have been reading other's online here and there; and most are about perfect writing or editing or "projects" but I keep coming back to a conversation at university while formulating my methodology proposal. We were talking about whether it should be quantitative or qualitative. I was making a case for qualitative, because I am more interested in what people have to say about why they do what they do than how many do it that way, when it jelled in my brain that that was really the thing that I was about as a writer: helping people tell their stories and making sense of their lives. I think I can finally frame that in the context of a mission statement; and I think it is going to do a lot to move me forward in a specific direction now. But part of me is still in the wait and see camp, too.


sylvia c. said...

Good luck with that mission statement.

Once you get it down on paper and every word sounds right, I am sure you will feel great.


Sylvia C.

G's Cottage said...

Thanks, I think so too.


Laurel Wreath said...

That is exciting, Good luck with everything!!!

G's Cottage said...