Sunday, March 25, 2007

Writing - Moving Forward

To bring things up to date on the writing opportunity I have been working towards; the contact called Friday morning and went over the information covered at the meeting I couldn't attend. I liked what I heard, and there were no negative surprises. So I felt that I had gotten good advice from others who have done similar work and my expectations were appropriate. He was upfront that it was staff extension and not a means to get rich. Well, let's face it if my goal was to make a fortune I would not be knocking myself out to become a decent writer. I know some have garnered a tidy little nest egg but more and more that seems to be the exception.

There are some housekeeping tasks like forms to fill out, and how to contact, and where to submit copy. Also, how to prepare invoices and copies of the columns and photos published each month so I get paid. Why do I think my current bookkeeping system is going to become archaic very quickly? There is also going to be another group meeting, which I can attend, to get some starter materials and talk about ideas and pitching our own stories. But after that we play it by ear and take it one day at a time.

Thanks to everyone for their support as well as being patient with all of my dumb questions. Although there will probably be a new onslaught of dumb questions once all of this starts sinking in; like when I actually have the first article to get done and in - on time. For right now I know I am doing this in my brain but it hasn't seeped out to the other systems. There are some practical reasons for that such as it might be very sparse until the staff gets to know me, or really any of us, and there is always the risk that it won't be a good fit in the long run. So, while part of me would dance in the streets, the rests of me prefers to wait and see. I'll update again when there's something to share.

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sylvia c. said...

Sounds like you have a fun, solid project on your hands.

I am sure you will do great...
Way to go and best of luck!


Sylvia C.