Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Looking In; Looking Out

Tap...tap tap tap.

Squueek squeek squeeek
(elbow wiping the glass).

Squints into the monitor screen.

Rap Rap Rap.

Hallooo. Is anybody in there?

My, it certainly has been quiet around here lately.
It hasn't been this quiet since the end of January.

I wonder where they all went?
(scratches head thoughtfully)
Maybe it's spring break or something?

Of course, that's it!
It's spring break and they all went south.

Afterall, it's not like they were all raptured or something like that.
Most of them aren't even Pre-trib.

Well, talk to you later.



Laurel Wreath said...

Hello =) I have been reading but not commenting that much. Good to hear from you =))))

G's Cottage said...

Hi Laurel. It has not been a fun week anyway. Then to stick my neck out in a post that none of the women who read this had anything to say about was a shock; not even a private note if they didn't want to go public. I do understand not commenting all the time because composing comments is work. But thanks for letting me know you still drop by.


Grandparents Corner said...

Hi Deb, I just found your blog through Laurel's blog. This post is too cute with the "tap tap, rap rap, anybody there". Sometimes I feel the same way. LOL

Glad I found you! I'm a grandma too! ;)


G's Cottage said...

Hi Bonnie, Welcome.
Don't worry, I am not always this cuckoo, you're just catching me on a bad week.