Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rainbows, and Thoughts on Life

I have always loved rainbows. This gets a little weird considering that I am not fond of the storms that usually precede them.

One of the downsides, if it can be called a downside, to where we currently live is that seeing rainbows from the house or yard doesn't happen very often. We're located on the back slope of a gently rolling knoll and there are lots of trees around, so the conditions have to be perfect. The Sun has to be very low, either early morning or late afternoon to evening depending on time of year, and there has to be a really decent amount of rain falling along with the sky being the right shade of steel-blue gray.

Every once in a while I get lucky and manage to capture one (I started to write "on film" but duh this is digital). I have always liked taking pictures of rainbows, even when we've lived in places where they are very common like the eastern slope of Colorado. Seeing a rainbow brings such a sense of joy to the moment. In the Bible it says that God used a rainbow as a sign to Noah that the Earth would not be destroyed again. I tend to be a bit more concrete and so I speculate on things like what does the rainbow mean to me today.

A rainbow in the sky after a storm like this one was, when the air is freshly washed and the sunlight is creating a glow, feels like God is throwing a party and hanging streamers. Before the storm the atmospheric pressure made the air feel thick and the skies turned leadened and oppressive. Then the storm cranks up creating chaos with driving rain, wind and some times hailstones. But as the storm runs its course and moves on, this magic little show unfolds in the straggling showers and out pops the rainbow. And as it silently beams overhead a smile bubbles up from inside that tells you once again that life is good.

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sylvia c. said...

I love rainbows, too!

Great shot, here!


Sylvia C.