Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Room For Writing - The Sequel

Sometimes I wonder whatever motivated me to move my writing studio to the now unused bedroom at the end of the hallway. True it has not been quite as much upheaval as a kitchen demolition and remodel which Scribbit educated us on in her post on May 3rd. Nor has it been as complex as getting ready to sell a home which At A Hen's Pace described in her post on May 28th. But things do not have to be in as much physical chaos for the project to be irritating and discouraging at times.

In this post on March 31st, I mentioned that I was trying to select paint for the room I would be moving my office/studio furniture into. It took 3 trials to find the shade I thought I could live with. The first was too yellow-looking (3004-8B). So based on the light-box (approximates the lighting in the room - incandescent, fluorescent or full-spectrum) I moved over two shades in the same family (3002-8B). That shade turned out to look like I had thrown Pepto-Bismol on the wall. Obviously not the desired shade for a soothing writing space.

After the second wrong color I needed a week of staying away from it before going back through the paint strips again. I came back to the same family again, so I decided that I would live with the one in between no matter what. Sorry I can't link the color chart; it's in Flash, but there is a link to the Valspar color charts. The codes in the brackets are colors on this chart.

I had my doubts with the first few rollers full of paint on the first wall. However, when I turned the corner and had paint on two abutting walls, it became clear it was the right shade (3003-8B). After moving my computer desk into the room, it confirmed this is the right shade for the furniture. It's really amazing; at least I'm amazed. This was the first time I had used Valspar paint. I was very happy with how it handled, as well as it's consistency and coverage; and I am very picky about how paint should behave when I'm trying to get it on the wall.

Sorry for being a tease but, while the desk is in and I can use the computer, the room is not ready for an audience (or photos either) in it's current state of stacked books and boxes. It will be at least a month before I am really moved in because I am also sorting and pitching while things are out and being handled anyway. Yes, I was motivated by the post about decluttering over at Days to Come. When I think it's presentable I'll post a photo and throw a little online open house.


Scribbit said...

Having things out of place can be annoying can't it?

We no sooner got the kitchen in than we started to replace the fireplace. Hello dust.

At A Hen's Pace said...

Oh, congrats on your paint choice! I went through something similar--picked a nice light butter-beige from a paint chip and our painter/friend bought 5 gallons of it with his discount. When we first started framing the room, my heart sank--it seemed so yellow and darker than I intended. But, I am delighted with it now that it's done!

Enjoy getting settled in to your new writing space!