Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Write-Away Contest and Six Lessons

I recently participated in Scribbit's May Write-Away Contest about "Vacations and Getaways" (follow the link for results and the list of entries). If you missed it you can read my entry about our Silver Anniversary here. I had a lot of fun with it and sending in an entry helped me to feel more a part of the blogging community and less a lurker. Yes, I write a blog which technically makes me a blogger but I still feel like a lurking blogger sometimes; sort-of like a keyboard sniper if you will.

So while I didn't make the A-listers I am so glad I took the risk to jump in the surf, so to speak. I took away so much that I think is going to help me be a better blog writer down the road. Actually I compiled a list of 6 lessons I learned through the contest process and I'll share them in case these might be helpful to someone else.

Six Lessons I Learned (or had reinforced) Through The Write-Away Contest:

  1. Try to keep the post between 100 and 500 words.
  2. Personal anecdotes are best.
  3. Engage the reader.
  4. Some topics are best serialized (see lesson 1).
  5. If it sounds too safe and neutral it probably isn't entertaining.
  6. Not winning or being on the "A-list" is not a sign to throw in the towel and take up knitting.
Thanks go to Michelle at Scribbit for hosting such a great monthly contest. See you next month.

Sorry, I completely omitted thanking Meredith at Poppy Fields for all her hard work in reading so many entries and picking a winner in just a couple of days.


Poppy Fields said...

I enjoyed reading all of the entries for this month's contest and it was very hard to choose amoung the different ways of expressing "vacation. Your silver anniversary sounded very like a wonderful get away!

G's Cottage said...

"the different ways of expressing 'vacation'" I could agree more and I haven't worked through the whole list yet. Thanks for stopping by.

Scribbit said...

Love the post--

and had to say thanks for your comment this morning, I couldn't possibly cover the topic adequately in so many words and you brought up some good things I missed. It's always good for me to hear from someone who's been a little farther down the road and has good insights.


G's Cottage said...

Thank you, Michelle. I take you impressions of how my posts come across seriously because you are way ahead of me on this track. I hope you realize that my comments were not meant to point out omission just merely an elaboration. I will explain in your comments section.

Note: in my response to Poppy Fields it should have read "I couldn't agree more..."