Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summertime: memories of the easy life

Today is the first day of summer and a post to honor the day seems in order. So I give you my list of 10 favorite summer memories of childhood, in no particular order.

1. Getting up early because it was cool in the mornings and then lying around with a fan blowing all afternoon (I didn't live with air conditioning until college).

2. Catching fireflies in a Mason jar and setting it on the porch railing.

3. Wading in the creek next to grandmother's farmhouse (and keeping an eye out for garter snakes).

4. Riding bikes all over our little village on the berms of the narrow, but busy, country road.

5. Toasting marshmallows on a stick after dark.

6. Vacation Bible School which is technically a cross between church and school but more fun and only a couple of hours long. Back in those days it was more about creativity and less about being entertained than today's versions.

7. Drinking pitchers of blue Kool-Aid. I don't remember what flavor it was but the color was fascinating. I think there were matching Popsicles one summer as well.

8. The smell of the steamy air after a summer shower.

9. Searching the hay loft for the Bantam hen's nest. She was small, shiny black with white speckles under her wings, and she was very independent. Instead of nesting her brood in the safety of the hen house and yard she would find purchase between bales of hay and set up her housekeeping there.

10. Checking the mailbox everyday for the Summer Weekly Reader (which is now delivered online).

These are a handful of my summer memories. Who will be next?


Scribbit said...

I've never seen a firefly. And reading this list I feel that I've really been missing out--wish they had them here.

DS Writer said...

Can't forget eating Kool aid right out of the packet - as is. Kool Aid was my summer camp favorite. I would read mom's postcards under a blanket with an almost dead flashlight, my tongue brimming with the red powder. When the counselors said, "lights out!" my tongue was clean before I knew it.

Sylvia C. said...


This is a great list. I have several similar memories, actually!

I was never one to catch fireflies...but I loved to watch them!

Thanks for sharing. It really helps one to see what matters most, huh?


Sylvia C.