Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Craft: Brown Bag Booklets

Brown Bag Brag Book

These are very simple to make. I received one from my daughter for her daughter’s first Valentine’s Day. She basically made it up as a “Grandma’s Brag Book.” It is filled with photos (19 actually) of the darling granddaughter. Now I had a portable version of some favorite photos with me (in a Ziploc back of course) without the worry that the special ones at home might get dinged if carried about.

But these could be used for lots of things: like a place to collect favorite quotations or scriptures, “write and illustrate your own book,” dress up a gift of recipes for a kitchen shower, just to suggest a few.

The basic supply list is really simple but can be embellished based on your tastes and budget.

Brown Bag Booklets

- 3 plain lunch sacks – never used, of course
- Construction or other background paper – color(s) of your choice
- Card stock – enough reinforce the front and back and to make 3 square cards
- Stickers and other decorations desired or on hand
- Ribbon in multiple sizes – ½ inch and ¾ inches in grosgrain are shown in the finished booklet
Colors should coordinate with construction paper. Mixing plain, decorated and lettered is a nice touch

- Non-crinkling, non-lumping glue (gluesticks work but have a short life)
- Scissors
- Fancy-edge scissors if you like
- Heavy paper hole punch

sample suppliesOptional: if this is for keepsake quality you may want to step up to acid-free materials.

General directions:

1. Take each sack, leaving it closed flat, and paste the bottom flap in its closed position, let dry.

2. Then fold each sack in half with the glued flaps facing inside the fold, and crease well.

3. Punch 3 holes in each folded sack between 3/8 and ½ inch from the fold (see photo) you’ll be making a tied hinge binding eventually so they must be in the same place in each sack. Using the first sack’s punches as a template for the remaining two sacks works best.

punched folded bags

4. Open the folds and stack the 3 sacks with the creases pointing against the table in this order:
1st glued flap to the left, 2nd glued flap to the right, 3rd glued flap to the left.

5. Now fold all together lining up their creases and their punches, then double tie (2 ribbons) through each hole and around the fold separately.

There should be 6 “pages” now, 3 solids and 3 slots alternating.

For more durable front and back covers, paste on card stock “squares” before decorating.
Inserts for the slots can also be cut from card stock. Attaching ribbon pulls simplifies extraction.
The “pages” can be left plain or be covered with construction or decorative background paper.
Finish as desired with photos, inspirational prose, verses, recipe cards, or a simple short story with illustrations.

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Sylvia C. said...

This looks really neat!
I bet you were thrilled to receive yours!

Sorry I haven't commented for a while, I've been a bit swamped.

Hope your writing has been going well. Thanks for your kind words about my Oma.


Sylvia C.