Friday, July 27, 2007

Status repair: If your blog gets flagged as spam

Oh no, the anti-spam trollers flagged my blog as possible spam. Seriously, I have been out here blogging away for how many months now. Well, okay, maybe I had something to do with it.

This seems have come on the heels of being extremely picky about how a certain photo in a previous post was looking online. I must have taken it on and off the post about 6 times in an hour. I saw the words “security token” when I finally published it for good but didn’t think anything about it at the time.

The next day I decided to try a “post group” and the instructions said to “get the code” which I thought was a code for the banner but turned out to be a bloglog. Sorry, but I don’t want anybody else’s blogline in my sidebar. It’s all I can do to manage my own. So I removed that.

Then last night I went to put up my latest Penpal letter and the publish mode kept asking for the word verification code which I thought was rather odd. I finally realized that I wasn’t seeing the whole message on my screen and it was telling me that if I disagreed that they should be considering my blog as spam to request a review.

So, I filled out the request and sent it on its way to the inner sanctum of Blogger; not knowing what to expect but having heard such not good things from others tapping at the top of their keypads. While it was entertaining reading it didn’t seem to be getting them what they wanted which was their publishing mode reinstated.

I have set aside today’s post to share a few words of wisdom from my perspective should you encounter such a situation in the future. Note; if you are currently in the middle of this kind of disagreement with the Blogger team and have already vented your personal take on the techie at the helpdesk this probably won’t help you out now.

How to deal with throwing a security token:

1. Do not throw a hissy fit and start flaming every thread on the Blogger Help Group or the technical support email list. There is a long line ahead of you and this will not get you moved to the head of the line.

2. If you get a word verification prompt, in order to publish a new post, there should be a tiny question mark inside a small disk nearby. Click this to get the instructions to request a blog review.

3. Fill in the boxes with the requested information about your blog and email (you might have to scroll down past the instructions depending on your screen size). It is important to do this exactly as it is requested. Then click submit.

4. Return to your new post and copy the code and publish as usual.

5. If you have not received a reply in a few hours, repeat the request procedure and you might check out Dummies Guide suggestions; but sometimes they are just very busy.

6. When you get an email notice that you’ve been cleared, send a thank you note to the tech guys.

Some important things to remember about using Blogger blog hosting:

- It is a free service; you’re not paying for a personal helpdesk.

- Like most helpdesks it is undermanned – this is a 21st century fact of life, so get used to it.

- Blogger supports several hundred thousand blogs and being grateful for being allowed to play along goes a long way.

- Civility need not be a lost art in the cyber-realm, remember there are real people with real feelings behind the machines that keep all of this afloat.

It appears that I am back up and good to go. And am I full of good will and charitable thoughts because my publishing was reinstated in just a few hours – you bet your sweet bippy. But I didn’t hack anybody off; nor do I have a history of being a pill with the admin/tech people either.

Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta has more tips to avoid being suspected as a spam blog and getting it remedied if you have been.

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very useful post - i like the dummies guide too..

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