Friday, August 31, 2007

Blog Day 2007: a world tour

Blog Day 2007

Today bloggers are supposed to share by posting about and linking to 5 bloggers they would like their readers to meet. Some of these bloggers do not have regular email so I notified them through their comments hoping they see my notice. These blogs do not share a common niche other than I found them interesting. You will find adventurers, artists, writers, activists, and everyday people. Enjoy the journey.

My five blog recommendations for Blog Day 2007:

1000 days Non-stop at Sea by Reid and Soanya is the blog of their attempt to spend 1000 days at sea without having to find a port for services or supplies. On day 15 they had a collision with a freighter in the dark and though they had substantial damage they were sound and have been making their own repairs on the water. Their logs describe where they are and how they provide their own food from raw staples. It is fascinating reading and a window to an adventure not readily available to most of us. One of them commented recently about all their fans living vicariously through their adventure. Now where have I heard that before? They are currently at day 131.

Beate’s Fabric Art by Beate. Beate blogs from Düsseldorf about art and fabric in English and German on German platform. She writes about fibers, tools, patterns, and how she creates her art. You can sense her joy in her work. She has gorgeous photos of her fascinating original designs which she sells through an online shop. Beate has been blogging since January.

Amish America by Erik. Erik blogs about his associations with several Amish communities across the US. Having been exposed to the Amish as a child and having regular intersections with the culture over the years I have a deep appreciation for his sensitivity and balance. Erik has been blogging since November 2006. Since he is “in the field” it was not possible to email him about this recommendation but I left a comment at his latest post.

They’re All Our Children by Nicki. Nicki blogs about homeless children, issues about children and society’s lost children. Nicki writes from the heart about the best and the worst in the world of children. She tries to give her readers “the rest of the story” about issues that the mainstream media has either glossed over or presented an unbalanced view. Nicki has been blogging since March.

Blogging Mt Hood by Christi. Christi blogs about life, happenings, and living in the northwest. She has beautiful photos of Mt Hood and the surrounding area. She also posts information that visitors to the area might find useful such as flooding or ski conditions but in general she shares her love of the area and its beauty. Christi has several blogs and has been blogging since at least August 2006.

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Dave Lucas said...

Nice selections! Happy Blog Day '07... please come see my choices too!

Shelby said...

TERRIFIC choices!! I'm off to read... happy day today :)