Monday, August 20, 2007

Favorite Ohio Destinations: short list

Ohio tends to be one of the bridesmaid states that is traveled through to get somewhere else but often overlooked as a destination. I thought I would share a few of the many treasures we have discovered over the years. Perhaps you will consider checking out all the things Ohio has to offer for the adventurous and those looking for a little pampering.

Bike trails

Kokosing Gap Trail; former Pennsylvania RR line between Mt Vernon and Danville with beautiful scenery (paved).
Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail; within Cuyahoga Valley National Park this is more rugged but still beautiful (unpaved).

Scenic Highway

US Route 40 “The Old National Road” Southern Ohio from Bridgeport (east state line) to Old Road Segment in Preble County (west state line) driving this is a real trip to the past.


Cuyahoga National Park; Northeast between Cleveland and Akron.
Hueston Woods State Park; College Corners near Oxford.

Mound State Historical Site; Adams County there is an observation tower, no food allowed this is still a sacred landmark to the native residents nearby.
Carillon Historical Park; city of Dayton, if you can only spend one day in the Dayton area this is the place to come for a regional history overview.

Independent Book Stores

Ohio Books; Cincinnati, if you love rare and historical books this is the store to check out.
Dark Star Books; Yellow Springs (yes the opening page reads “Dayton area” but it’s really in YS), while they do not have the inventory of Ohio Books there are many similarities between the stores.

Places to eat

Golden Lamb Inn; Lebanon, originally a stagecoach stop in 1803 now classic full service restaurant and tavern. Our 28th anniversary ceremony and dinner were held here and we can't say enough about the food or the service.
Tony Packo’s; Toledo (original location) the hot dog place made famous by M.A.S.H., and when they got famous they did not forget how to make good food.
Young’s Jersey Dairy; Yellow Springs, straight from cow to freezer to cone and other menu items at the dairy story walk-up. There is a full service restaurant next door, also.
Sand Wedge Grill at Deer Ridge Golf Club Bellville, serves wonderful soups and sandwiches to walk-up patrons or caters formal events in the banquet center.

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Sylvia C. said...

It looks like there is plenty to do in Ohio! And, see, I've never been! But, I have a few other place on my to-go list as well. For starters, I've never even seen the ocean!

Hope your summer is winding down gently!


Sylvia C.

At A Hen's Pace said...

I grew up within an hour of Young's Jersey Dairy--YUMMMMMM!!

How about the great outdoor dramas Ohio offers, like Tecumseh! in Chilicothe, and Blue Jacket in Xenia (although I heard it might be closing down). There is a beautiful state park near Chilicothe--something like Seven Caves?--which ought to be a famous Midwest destination in autumn, the colors and the scenery are so beautiful.

Oh, and CoSi in Columbus is a great children's museum.

Just a few contributions off the top of my head!


Shelby said...

Oh, HI 'o!

great post.

Cathy said...

I have lived in Ohio for all of my 55 years and you just gave me some idea's of places to visit that we have never been to. But, one place I have been many times is "Tony Packo's" in Toledo. I use to make a lot of trips to the Toledo Hospital, and Tony's is very close to there. We always stopped and had great food.

G's Cottage said...

Hi, all. Thanks for adding a few sites Jeanne that slipped through the cracks.

Cathy, thanks for stopping by. I think because we weren't native Ohioans and have resided in the state on and off that it always seemed like the last chance to try something new. Glad to be able to add to your list of must-see areas.