Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Having a Heat Wave? Enjoy it!

Well, summer has arrived here in Ohio. It certainly took long enough, although I don't recall that anyone was particularly unhappy that it was a bit late showing up. Today's high temperature was 98 degrees and the heat index was well over 100. We do not run our AC to subarctic levels but still walking outside took some getting used to today.

So how does one deal with the high temperatures and the related stresses that come with a heat wave? I glad you asked. Here are some of my favorite ways to make the most of a heat wave:

1. Sit in a comfortable chair with a tall glass of iced tea; (the extra fluids are recommended anyway so why not enjoy them.)

2. Spend the day at an air conditioned museum (culture is cool).

3. Take a quick cool shower mid-day to regain the morning freshness (cool water won't heat up the house).

4. Enjoy a salad supper on the shaded deck (no cooking, and paper plates mean no dish washing).

5. Read quietly (reducing physical activity reduces the amount of body heat generated).

6. Not into swimming or no time, soak the feet in a basin of cool water (low energy expenditure and very refreshing; and less water than the shower).

7. Take an afternoon nap with a small fan to stir the air (moving air feels cool and reduces the need to turn the AC down; also the hum is very soothing).

8. Enjoy a frozen treat (using an insulated dish will slow the melting and allow it to be enjoyed longer).

9. Turn off the lights (using task lights instead of general room lighting reduces the heat added to the room and it helps reduce the stress that excess heat tends to compound).

10. Turn off the computer for a couple of hours (it generates heat and working at the computer is exertion just like physical labor so the body is giving off that excess heat into the adjacent air making you feel warmer.)

So there you have it, now choose one and enjoy!


At A Hen's Pace said...

Hi Deb--

Just got back from my visit to the Great State of Ohio. It sure was hot there--and it's no better here now!

We fully expected no air-conditioning on our visit there and packed accordingly--but praise the Lord, the parts came in right away and their unit was fixed before we arrived.

Pfeeww! That was a close one.

My mom and I are big fans of the iced tea trick.


Harlekwin said...

"Spend the day at an air conditioned museum (culture is cool)." This one made me smile! An alternative would be the library.

I also loved the idea of salad on paper plates while sitting on the shaded patio.

Sounds like you know all the best ways to stay cool when things heat up.


Pieces of Me said...

These are excellent ideas, very consumer and environmental friendly.

I'm a big fan of naps. Back in Israel, that's how essentially one survives the heat. That and AC's. The heat there can get wicked and relentless. Now I've forgotton that former life as I am in San-Diego with great cool breezes. It's as if the summer never existed.
Great post.