Thursday, August 30, 2007

Labor Day: rebuild a door

How to fix a door . . .

amputated door and new panelThis is our amputated back door. We noticed that it dragged after the last round of heavy storms but we thought the toe plate had come loose and slipped down. What we discovered when we took the toe plate off was that the MDF core on the lower half of the door was completely disintegrated. However the upper half, from the bottom of the window sill up, was fine.

We will get a new door in the future after we finish a modification that will preclude this happening again. In the meantime it only cost about $20 for all the materials to reconstruct the bottom of the door whereas a new temporary door was going to start at $100-150. The investment is time which at the moment we do have to spare. Besides, the work is in small concentrated tasks that have to set-up between so it gets wedged around other things in our lives.

This is not an option for everybody; and those for whom it is not an option are not to take this as a put down. We were military and moved a large family every few years which meant we bought the worst house on the block to survive the housing market. I grew up in farming and farmers hire very few jobs out because it dents the bottom line, so you learn to use basic tools. And even though it was not fun to discover this problem, we have taken a lot of satisfaction putting our hard-won skills to work once again. Not to mention all those tools we've collected - now if we only had 8 ft bar clamps. Yeah, there always the one tool you don't have.

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