Friday, September 7, 2007

Thinking Bloggers: my list

Back in May Sylvia honored me with the Thinking Blogger Award. At the time I was still fairly new to blogging, didn't know that many bloggers in general and none who hadn't received it several times already. So this week I set out to tie up this loose end by going through a selection process and writing up my choices. I have selected three bloggers even though the rules state to choose five.

The "rules" choose and write a post about five (or three) bloggers that make you think; link to the originating post; and get the award image from the originating post.

Tim Draayer at Live Your Best Life

Tim is always asking himself and his readers to think about how they think about their life and what they want to do. So, of course, inspiration and motivation are hallmarks of his blog, but he also emphasizes being one and the same person both on and off the clock. Reading Tim’s blog regularly can lead a person to thinking they are capable of succeeding in their dream life.

Nicki Mann at They’re All Our Children

Nicki was one of my Blog Day 2007 blog recommendations. She seeks out and brings to the attention of blog readers the plight of children around the world and those who seek to improve their lives. Nicki may not yet have the resources to change the world single-handedly but she is changing the way people think about childhood one reader at a time.

Erik Wesner at Amish America

Erik was another of my Blog Day recommendations. I like his blog about the Amish because it reinforces that no matter how much personal experience one has or the books about them one has read there is still more to understand. He accomplishes this through describing the differences in faith and practice from community to community as a palette contributing to the richness of the culture.


Scribbit said...

Haven't seen any of those! Good to find some new reading material.

Shelby said...

love new recommendations for blogging.. :)

Pieces of Me said...

These are on my next list of bloggers...Thanks!