Thursday, November 15, 2007

NaNoWriMo: week 2 update

Today begins week three of National Novel Writing Month. Since it is the fifteenth it is also known as the midway point. NaNoWriMo has definitely fulfilled its billing and been a "wild ride."

Here are a few of my strongest impressions so far:

1. If something is going to go wrong it will happen during NaNo month.

So far our list of things that have needed attention include a problem with the heating oil tank, finding out the boiler is older than we were informed, the previous heating contractor has gone AWOL, the gas pipe (pre-laid not used by the previous owner) was not exactly where it was supposed to be thus a hole in the front yard (now filled in), the lawn tractor refuses to start but all its systems check out (yes the battery is charged and gas is in the tank, but thanks for the suggestion), and now there is a stress fracture in the garage door.

2. If you're going to get extra assignments they will come in the middle of NaNo.

This year there are five Thursdays in November so I had an extra column anyway. Last Tuesday the paper emailed that if we did our own area's holiday calendar for the Thanksgiving edition we'd get an extra column pay was due at 8 a.m. this past Monday morning (yes I did get it in on time). The money is nice but my poor fingers are being pounded into nubs.

3. NaNo is very social.

Yes, Chris Baty is a big cheerleader for write-ins and decompressing by interacting online through the forums. But I'm not big on throwing my writing and my ideas out amongst strangers to risk being trampled upon. I have also never belonged to a forum I could stand; until now. Somehow this group of us really shy, mostly given to lurking, women have stumbled into each other inside the over 30 area. We are having a ball. It's a wonder we get any writing done on our novels. We have brain-storming sessions, running jokes, and our own brand of wacky writing challenges. Our significant others and families are in dread of what's going on. One minute I can be reading and laughing so hard I have to hang onto my desk. The next minute I could have my face buried in my keyboard sobbing over somebody's excerpt. It's a roller coaster.

So these are three things that have impressed me during my first two weeks in NaNo camp. It's been a little crazy some days to get my personal quotas done each day but I'm only one day's quota behind so I think I'm okay compare to some I've talked to. When I logged my day count a few hours ago it brought the total up to 21826 words; so I'm about one day from the midpoint.

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