Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Short note to my regular readers

I appreciate that many of you have been continuing to check for new posts while I was caught up in NaNo. Going back through my stats it has been amazing how faithful many of you have been. I also want to let you know I am slowly catching up on reading your posts that I have missed.

That said, I have noticed some changes at Google/Blogger that have negatively affected many of you because you don't have Google/Blogger accounts. Most significantly is the issue of no longer being able to comment at all without a Google account. That is just wrong.

The past several months, prior to NaNo, I was doing an evaluation on what direction my blogging will go in 2008. This development, in addition to some of my contacts with g-mail being hacked, has moved my consideration to change platforms up a notch. I have not set this in motion but it will eventually be an action I will take.

Thank you for showing up.


Anonymous said...

test comment

Anonymous said...

Google has made a fine mess, haven't they?


Sylvia C. said...

Glad you are back!

Congrats on your nano survival!
Sylvia C.

chelle said...

This change google made is annoying.

Wordpress.com is a free alternative and much less ... intrusive.