Monday, January 14, 2008

The Cookies are Coming

I learned that Girl Scout cookie sales start this week. This is an area that I have a leg on each side of the fence over. From what I have have heard over the years I am not the only one. Somebody, somewhere, is going to read this and apply an anti-Girl Scout slant to it. Go ahead and knock yourself out but that is not the point of my argument.

Every year I see the sale go seemingly longer. Now, the order forms and extra boxes don't just show up on the doorstep and the lunchroom at work. Most troops/councils have agreements with the big box stores and shopping centers to set up sales booths in their exit areas. So every weekend there are girls and moms, or leaders, shoving more cookies at people who already have a freezer full and only came for some ten-penny nails.

There is no denying that it takes increasingly more money to provide decent programming for youngsters whether girls or boys. However, there is a limit to how many cookies it is realistic to sell. The areas in which we have lived have always been scout saturated.

I think the Girl Scouts is a fine organization. It serves many girls very well. But I do not look forward to turning down at least 5 girls or avoiding shopping on Saturdays again this year. The girls look dejected because they can't save face if they come to the next troop meeting with unsold boxes. I feel bad for them but I am only going to buy what I can reasonably use. I have a budget and I don't need the extra sweets around. And please don't suggest I give them as gifts because everybody I know already will have their own freezer full.

Maybe the cookies could come with a sticker like they pass out at the voting polls; but instead of "I voted today" they would read "I have my Girl Scout cookies, thank you."

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Mrs_Scotsman said...

I have to post my opinions on this one. I do need to say that I love Thin Mints and we buy two boxes every year. That is it.

1. I really wish that they would figure out that the cookies should arrive BEFORE Valentines day. We aren't into Hallmark commercialized holidays. However, I do buy two boxes for my DH for Valentine's Day. Every year I have to say "Happy Valentine's Day...your cookies aren't here yet." Since Hallmark started the V-Day craze and everyone else jumped on board why not the Girl Scouts?

2. Do y'all know how much the Girl Scouts get for each box??? Fourty cents! 4-0 cents. Four tenths of a DOLLAR. This might not be the exact amount for this year's campaign, but it is somewhere in that ballpark. For your consideration: Buy all the cookies YOU want to buy. Then keep a few quarters or a dollar bill in your pocket when shopping and make a small donation instead of buying cookies. The money will go directly to the local scout troup and your freezer will actually have room for real food.

chelle said...

Geez 40 cents?!?! I remember selling cookies when I was a girl. We went door to door in groups, while our moms drove around with station wagons full of cookies.

I would much rather give my $$ and my time than buy cookies.

Rositta said...

I always buy the darn things, taste one and end up throwing them out. I just don't like them, but I will continue buying them...ciao