Thursday, January 17, 2008

Five Reasons to Love Writing

Melissa at Writing Forward tagged me yesterday for Post Your Top Five Reasons You Love to Write. While I was writing down my thoughts about this topic I became aware of so much more about my journey into the realm of writing. So I have done this in two parts; the requested list of five, and also a story of how I got here and why it looks like it took so long.

So, without further ado this is part 1, the list:

1) Writing gives me a voice, a way to express – communicate - what is on the inside of my heart that my tongue is unable to wrap itself around. It also helps to quiet the voices from the past that ping around the inside of my brain by ushering them outside into the light of day.

2) Because I love rearranging the words, whether on the page or the screen, until they say what I really mean. Since I grew up in areas where children’s voices and questions were not validated I often feel inept at speaking, not just public speaking but even talking to another person. Writing allows me the platform for ironing out what I want to communicate in advance.

3) I love to write because writing keeps me company. I grew up in remote rural areas and was occasionally injected into communities as a child that were socially closed to outsiders. Books and writing of my own were often my most accessible companions. In a sense reading my own words on the page was a form of conversation. I hope when others read my writing they find a sense of validation for their own worth and companionship.

4) I love to write because it allows me to put down what I know or remember about something. Reading the memory as text is a very validating experience. Also, writing about the past, events in the past, has helped me to connect with the self that was subdued, numbed, broken when the real-time events occurred. Writing down someone else’s memories or experiences is also a way to validate their history and memories.

5) Writing how things look or feel makes it possible to experience things from another dimension; sort of like walking in another person’s shoes. This also allows it to be a medium for helping people see and understand the stories and perspectives of others.

Well, I guess I should be social and tap a couple of people to share their thoughts on the topic. So, I pick Chelle who blogs at Crazy Thoughts, because I love her descriptions of settling into life in the Maritimes, and Dorit who writes about adjusting to life back in the states after living in Israel where she married and became a mother at Pieces of Me. Both of these ladies are incredibly busy like the rest of us so I am sure they will share when they can work it into their schedules. We’re long on patience here.

Part 2 on Loving to Write.

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Realms of the Veil said...

I knew you were the one to tag with this challenge! I especially like reason number five. I think that writing is a great tool for building empathy. I am looking forward to reading more about your journey into writing. Thank you.

Melissa Donovan
Writing Forward

chelle said...

Wow. That list is amazing. Thank you for the tag. Although I am sure my lost will not be as good, I will do my best to express why I love to write.