Monday, January 21, 2008

Reclaiming Dreams: Shoeless Joe

I lurk about Birdie Jaworski’s blogs and archives a lot lately. In her post "Shoeless Joe Pitches the Priest" she writes about how she came to read W.P. Kinsella’s book. If the title Shoeless Joe isn’t familiar maybe you remember the Costner-esque movie version Field of Dreams. Both versions have a transplanted Iowa farmer, a mystical baseball diamond and players, a renegade author and an evil force trying to kill the dream. Beyond that the similarities between the two get sketchier.

Usually I tend to treat reviews, as such, as even-handedly as possible because my taste may not be the reader’s taste. Today is one occasion where I have to part with that approach. I am willing to wager that, even if you couldn’t stand Field of Dreams and you are not a baseball fan and you are opposed to the mystical and unexplainable whether for political or religious reasons, if you have a dream or once had a dream you will likely love Shoeless Joe.

Kinsella’s book is a reaffirmation that the worst thing you can do to a dream is to give it up. It also illustrates that the circle of supporters, those who are able to see, is small because so many have been persuaded to no longer see their own vision and to rely on the logic and reason of other dreamless people.

America is becoming a place where dreamers are being eradicated little by little. Our numbers game of deciding what is right and who gets what has slowly become the default function of the majority rule. It’s how we operate our elections; the majority wins. It’s how we decide public policy; the wealthiest lobby wins. It’s also how society in general reacts to dreams and new ideas; if the critical number of presumed rational people doesn’t see then the reaction is to squelch the dream, the innovation, and the dreamer-entrepreneur until he or she gives it up. It is easy for the dreamer to believe that a dream was taken away but if you follow Kinsella’s train of thinking the dream cannot taken away it can only given up.

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chelle said...

hmm interesting thought ... a dream cannot be taken only given up ... I like that, it gives power to the dreamer and away from the takers!

AuthorMomWithDogs said...

Now THAT'S an inspiring review! I'll add this to my reading list.

Margaret Cloud said...

What an inspiring post, well written and you are right about peoples dreams, the only thing is we give up too much in this day and age and don't fight for our beliefs. The most inspirong ideas and dreams has become a reality.