Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Words to dream by

In an earlier post I noted that I do not make New Year’s Resolutions in the traditional sense. I have started in recent years looking at things that need to move and especially where I would like to see God work.

Typically I have this put down by now but this has not been a typical year or year end. While I have been ironing out my thoughts, hopes and dreams for this year I have taken some time to read others ideas for their own upcoming year.

One of the readings was Christine Kane’s Resolution Revolution post. While I do not think a word substitutes for goals and direction, I do see where some words or concepts have the power to influence the ability to achieve goals or move in positive directions.

I have chosen two words for this coming year. I know Christine suggests one; however, my first word has a lot of power and energy to skew things in one direction and I became aware that another set of issues played into how I view things.

The first word I chose was “wealth.” I am not talking about becoming a millionaire or any of those concepts of wealth. I have no appropriate concept of having money or my work being worth decent pay. I have a lifelong habit of doing without so others are not inconvenienced. This is completely inappropriate but typical of women from my generation even though we avow that we are more than puppets at the whim of the strings.

So my second word is “release.” I need to release – let go of – the false messages that prompt me to do without decent pay, basic financial stability and personal items. I also need to release things I think or have been told. These things not only tear at my spirit and induce me to accept less than respectful treatment, they also interfere with my view of money and wealth.

I am stopping here for today. I encourage readers to follow the link over and read Christine’s post. Then come back and tell us a word that could have a major influence on your life in 2008.

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Rositta said...

I think my word will have to be freedom. I will think more about it and maybe write a post about it...ciao

chelle said...

Calm ... I want this year to be calm (with a side of adventure). No massive moves, no adding children, losing pets or anything crazy ... just calm.

Great concept!

G's Cottage said...

@Rositta - Freedom is a lovely word. And very spot-on in our election year.

@chelle - Calm is good; however, if it comes true you will have to rename your blog since Crazy Thoughts will no longer be accurate. :)