Monday, February 25, 2008

Bucket List - my version

Karen at Author Mom with Dogs posted her Bucket List in honor of the movie and closed with a question to readers about what would be on their own list. So here are my five things I would like to do before kicking the bucket. These aren’t necessarily prioritized in case anyone is wondering.

1. Visit Phoenix (while my son still lives there).

2. Revisit the villa in Switzerland where I spent a semester abroad.

3. Write and publish a book.

4. Find truly satisfying work that will support a living.

5. Have my own writing business, even if I have to do it on the side.

So what is on your list? Please share in comments or on your own blog but don’t get stuck on the number of items as five is completely arbitrary number. I am inclined to think that younger people might have longer lists where older people might have shorter ones.


chelle said...

hmm interesting ... at the moment I am trying to live for today, right now ... it is this whole time thing ... slowing down :)

Pieces of Me said...

Interesting part about the villa... I wonder what you'll find and what memories will open

G's Cottage said...

@chelle - I wish I could communicate that I don't mean to add more worry to your teetering heaps. You are at a special place right now and doing the things you should be which is creating a home and memories for your husband and children. You are almost too aware of the finite days you have as primary influence and confidante to your children. Other women are either not aware or in denial and those are the ones to whom I hope arouse a paradigm shift that they need a graceful exit strategy so the children are not forced to jump ship for survival in their 20s. That's the point of my sort-of mini-series.

@dorit - I emailed you privately about the villa.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully younger people have longer lists! :) Actually, mine is also longer, but those 5 oughta keep me busy for a while. Wishing you great good luck with yours.

Cathy said...

Well that's a different idea for a meme. Im still thinking about what all my list would consist of. I liked yours especially the Villa one.

Dianne said...

I loved that movie!
A short version of my list would include(in no order):
1 Riding a horse on the beach.
2 Spending an entire summer at a beach house in Maine.
3 Traveling to Ireland.
4 Publish a book of my floral photography in memory of my friend Renee.