Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thunderstorms – symbols of change

We had our first thunderstorms of the new season yesterday. Now I am not the greatest fan of thunderstorms. I can do without the noise and the destruction. That said, there is no doubt that thunderstorms are about change. In our region thunderstorms often push out thick humid oppressive air masses and bring in clearer cooler and drier conditions.

An equivalent of weather system thunderstorms can take place in our lives as well. While these may not follow exactly the pattern of atmospheric storms, they too are associated with change. Those of you who read Christine Kane may remember her series on Upheaval which has a similar point just different language. The change can be about anything or many things such as a career change, or a way of doing things, or lifestyle or location.

The saving grace about thunderstorms is that they come and go in usually predictable patterns. The conditions build in advance until the system destabilizes and some trigger unleashes the storm. The storm tends to start gradually, build to a crescendo, and then wane as the energy needed to sustain it is dissipated. Some systems are larger than others and sustain either larger or more numerous storm cells. But eventually the storm phase winds down and the new or renewed phase begins to take over.

Thunderstorms are not going to be eradicated either in the weather or our lives. Really storms aren’t the problem we make them out to be because they are the result of changing conditions. We would place ourselves in a more powerful position if we would keep in mind a few key points:

- Storms may potentiate change but they don’t initiate it

- Even the largest storms are limited; they end eventually

- Following a storm there is a refreshing like a clean slate for beginning anew

How do you see storms? Do you welcome them as necessary preludes to change or do you avoid them?


Rositta said...

I am not a fan of thunder storm, they scare me. I have been stuck at our cabin when some vicious ones hit. I have watched trees come down like matchsticks from the wind and viciousness of these storms, I hate them...ciao

chelle said...

Oooo I love a good thunder storm. They are loud and bright yet almost harmless (if one is hit I would imagine you would think otherwise).

Nothing beats the Ooo that was a good one as the house shakes and trembles!!!

G's Cottage said...

@Rositta - I used to feel exactly the way you describe your experience with storms. In recent years I have learned more about them and how to improve my safety so I feel more in control during storms.

@chelle - I don't think I will ever achieve your affinity for storms but one of my sons literally drinks in the energy and power they demonstrate.

Melissa Donovan said...

I love love love thunder storms!

Melissa Donovan
Writing Forward

Michele said...

Love your key points! Well, I can't say I'm thrilled with storms but I realize their importance and purpose. Just another one of those things that are part of life. :-)