Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Weekend travel: will you go?

According to the AAA newsroom 0.9 percent fewer of us will travel over this coming Memorial Day weekend compared to last year. Gee, it almost seems hardly worth mentioning because they still expect a whopping 37 million people to be traveling this weekend.

So this brings us to the question of the week. Do you (your family) typically travel over the Memorial Day weekend? Where do you and why (you can be as general or specific as you are comfortable)? Do you plan to travel this weekend despite the increasing costs, why or why not?

I am staying home this year but my husband is going to his class reunion about 400 miles away. This all-class reunion is held every Memorial Day weekend because the area is a major camping region and it’s when people are likely to be in area. He only goes for “class years” and I haven’t tagged along since ’98. Traditionally we have had a picnic at home on non-reunion years.

Growing up among farm people my family regularly had a big cookout with all the local relatives and any who traveled in. Spring on the farm is not a time to travel anyway but my family just did not travel as a rule.

Our family though has tended to not do much holiday travel as a rule because we aren’t fond of mob scenes. If we are spending money and effort to travel we want peace, to enjoy ourselves, and to get as much bang for our buck as possible.

So everybody enjoy your weekend whether home or abroad; and don’t forget to share in comments.


chelle said...

Canadian, so we had our May long weekend last weekend. We traditionally go for a mini trip somewhere ... this year we went on a day trip instead ...

It does seem odd that the gas prices are not deterring more people.

Mrs_Scotsman said...

I don't like traveling on busy weekends or holidays either. Tonight I will be eating dinner with friend who are coming in from out of town. I have a birthday breakfast tomorrow. Sunday School class picnic...BekahBoo is bringing me a Dairy Queen Reese's Blizzard cake - YUMMO! Then on Monday we are leaving...on a jet plane!

I put a great deal of thought into having us leave for the Big Apple on Memorial Day. 1. School is not out yet in many places. 2. There will be alot of travelers on Monday however it is my theory that more visitors will be leaving the city.

Also, just for the record, this trip has nothing to do with the holiday weekend or the government rebate check (that went to our car loan). This is a trip for our anniversary/my 30th birthday that we have saved up for and will be paying for in CASH!

I hope everyone stays safe this weekend whether you are travel far or just around town.

G's Cottage said...

Oh, Blizzard Reese's Cup cake, yum!

Good & Crazy said...

Don't usually go far, drove up to the in-laws on Monday...that little 3 hour round trip cost us over $40 in gas. The real problem is that I don't like my in-laws $40-worth?

And next month I get to drive to my parents for a 6 hour round trip. And while I do love them more..I'm not sure I love them $80-worth. I'm just an evil child.

Melissa Donovan said...

I always stay home on the three day holidays. In fact, often I don't even realize they are coming. Both Memorial Day and Labor Day happen during busy times of the year so they're always a nice respite.

dcloud said...

Drive somewhere? Hah! What's a holiday? I work (lol). Oh, and my job is a night auditor at a hotel and we were only full on one day this Memorial weekend, which is unusual.

G's Cottage said...

In the past we have occasionally had somebody working but it's been a while. It was a nuisance adjusting the eating times but then it was holiday pay.

Margaret Cloud said...

This is a little late, but we did not travel last weekend, our gas prices around here sored to $4.03 a gal.. We don!t like crowds either, I liked your blog. Margaret in Michigan

Pieces of Me said...

Spent memorial day weekend in the park - just walked - no biggie.