Friday, June 27, 2008

Independence Day - the plan

The Fourth of July is just one week away. Next week I will share some of my memorable Independence Days of the past.

I don’t have grand plans for this year’s Fourth as I am still recovering from the trip out west. However, I will take in the local parade and look for stories I can write up in my column next week. Maybe this year it won’t rain and I can try photographing fireworks.

For US readers, how do you plan to spend your July 4th and its long weekend this year? Will you travel since there is time? Or will you be going to a local parade or fireworks display? Do you have a traditional cookout? If so tells us what’s on the menu?

For non-US readers, do you have something comparable to our Fourth of July? When is it; and what are some of the traditional activities associated with the day?

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chelle said...

We celebrate Canada Day on July 1. This is the first year that we are back in Canada, so we plan on rocking it out with a huge city sponsored block party and watch the fireworks with the kids :) Then oddly we are heading south and spending the fourth with American friends! Best of both worlds :)