Monday, June 16, 2008

Information overload happens

How often have we heard the phrases “be careful what you ask for because you might get it” or “when it rains it pours?”

This past week and weekend has brought a deluge of information, business and career information. It is true that I am sort of “chomping at the bit” to move up a notch and have been seeking out the information that can help me navigate the gauntlet to that next level. However so much of it has arrived, all at once, that it is nearly paralyzing.

How all of this arrived at once is paradoxical and does not seem to be related to any human conspiracy; although the initial impression concluded that the universe was conspiring to so swamp me with information that I would be distracted for months – nay, years. On re-assessing the launch and arrival of each piece of information a true conspiracy could not be found and was just a conditioned reflex of our culture.

So what are these sources and what use can they possibly be? This is a sampling only.

1) I found I had not returned Godin’s Survival is not Enough to the library before I left for Phoenix. But I also had not really gotten into it with several deadlines that had needed tending before the trip. I think at this point most of it is out of scope but, maybe that should be a bold but, I gained a significant insight into my personality (while skimming it yesterday) and how it relates to my work and business drive through his discussion of the four types of people in an organization. Another thing I picked up on was about change, yes I’m a slower changer but that’s not the point, the point is that what I want to do (build) will be different (changed from) the examples that are my inspiration because that species will have been “hunted to extinction” (Godin paraphrased) by the time I am at that stage. That might sound discouraging, but it’s better than investing and building something that will be passé.

2) Christine Kane wrote a post about How to Get off the Hamster Wheel and Get on with Life. Of course being faced with all this information can also feel like a hamster wheel but that’s not the only point. The initial take-away from Christine’s post was point 3 “Create a User’s Manual to You for You.” Her point is that if you aren’t clear on how you want to be treated, and live your life and career, you can’t be clear with anyone else about how to treat you either.

3) This morning Seth Godin announced on his blog that he, among a select few, was a direct distributor of an ebook volume of Dave Balter’s new book The Word of Mouth Manual, Volume II. It’s about “word-of-mouth marketing” but I can’t even begin to imagine what to do with it yet let alone read all 119 pages in a sitting. So you’re on your own for the moment.

4) Then, just when I thought my lap was full Naomi and Jamie at IttyBiz announced the launch of their ebook SEO School. (Note: this ebook is a paid download but I am not being paid to mention it.) While I could likely benefit from more SEO knowledge than I have at the moment I am not convinced that it’s the wrench in the gears to getting my writing to move forward so I am passing for now but I have read a lot of other tutorials on Naomi’s site and have no qualms that this will be as excellent as everything else she publishes (but I don’t know if she includes her colorful metaphors in her ebook).

So I have decided that I should take a few critical notes and return (or close) the books; and then take my plow (farmer) and my compass (hunter) and go in search of a wizard because I am not a serf (with apologies to Seth Godin). And maybe I need to go back and review the points in The Dip because I feel like I’m in one.

So, what have you gotten recently and what are you doing with it to move forward in the life you want to live? Please share.


Melissa Donovan said...

I have actually had the opposite experience these past few weeks, finding that things have slowed down a little. I think it has to do with the arrival of warmer weather and June being an event-packed month for many people. But I'm getting ready to focus on restructuring my business, starting next week. For now, I'm just planning and brainstorming. I'm going to pick up Naomi's ebook though. Soon.

Melissa Donovan

dguzman said...

Wow, that's a lot of jargon!

My world is slowing down in many ways as we head into summer; it's finally cool enough (after a freak heatwave) to just relax and enjoy the backyard's view of wetlands, listen to the young birds and their parents, and basically just hang out. I love the slowness of summer life!

On the book/self-improvement front, however, I too am working on how to better express my wishes about how I'd like to be treated. It's a tough order, really--I think too many of us just figure if we treat others well, we'll get the same in return. But that is rarely the case, it seems!

G's Cottage said...

@Melissa - On the personal side June as well as May are very event-packed months. My column is momentarily on auto pilot due to intense lead seeking previously but then comes July and not much is on the advance calendar so I have to get cracking.

@DGuzman - Here in Ohio we could not believe that early heatwave either and we got blamed for bringing it with us from Phoenix. This week is more to my liking; enough rain to keep the flowers happy and I don't need the furnace or the AC.

If you are working on getting clear about how to communicate to others how you want to be treated Christine discusses this regularly in her posts. And she seems okay that people take what they like (or can deal with) and leave the rest. Thanks for visiting.