Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rudbeckia in the park

Wordless Wednesday . . .

RudbeckiaPracticing some macro shots with the new camera. In case you can't find the honey bee here's a cut out. And yes, I am quaking with all these stingers buzzing around. I think you can see this one's stinger if you click for the larger version.

busy bee


Melissa Donovan said...

My name (Melissa) actually means honey bee. For years I secretly believed this was why I'd never been stung but then last year one got me. I think it was a wasp though, not a honey bee. Anyway, enough rambling. This is a beautiful photo!

G's Cottage said...

Melissa - Thanks, it's one of my favorites. If you didn't have to dig out a stinger it was probably a wasp (vespid) that stung you.

My name means bee; sometimes I have heard "queen bee" but I think that comes from the Old Testament story of Deborah. However, she was actually a judge and not a queen.

Unless it's an Africanized hive honey bees busy gathering pollen and nectar are generally too busy to notice someone quietly observing them. This one must have just arrived from the hive as it's pollen sacks on the legs are not visible in either photo nor the full-size on my computer.