Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sleep - how much do you need?

Time once again for a question of the week. It’s been a long time since I did one, and the time and topic seems like a good fit. Sleep and bedtimes are showing up around the internet as families move from vacation daylight time to in-school daylight time. My personal sleep time has been taking a hit for a while and I have had to develop some adaptations to compensate.

So think about your own relationship with sleep, how it affects your ability to function, and how you cope when you have to shave your sleep hours. Then answer the following questions in comments or write your own post and link back to share. There will be a follow-up post in a few days. Thanks for sharing.


When it comes to sleep, how much do you need to feel refreshed and functional?

Do you regularly get that much, and what happens when you don’t?


Ryan said...

For full functionality, I need 8 hours. If I plan it and get mentally prepared, I can function with 6 or 7 for a week, but functionality and quality of work definitely diminish. Anyway, I heard sleeping makes you smarter.

Melissa Donovan said...

I need exactly eight hours. I can go for several days with way less, i.e. six or so a night, but then I'll need to catch up and sleep for a good 10-12 to make up. Pretty standard.

Here's where I'm weird: Even though I function best with eight hours of sleep, I also am prone to about 18 hours of being awake. In other words, my body's not on a 24-hour schedule. That's what the doc says anyhow. I thought it was insomnia.

G's Cottage said...

@Ryan - That's interesting that you own your limitations, guys tend to perpetrate the invisibility clause when it comes to sleep.

@Melissa - Circadian rhythms fall where they will. When I nursed I ran into all kinds and it was rough for those who had rigid work schedules. No wonder you prefer freelancing.

Jenny said...

I haven't figured out how many hours I really need to fully function? I can function on 6 to 7 hours, but when I try to get in 8 or more, I usually end up more tired than I was with less.

I think it's a day by day thing, however day by day can catch up with you too!

Margaret Cloud said...

In this day and age I don't think anyone gets enough sleep, how could we, there is so many things to worry about. Oh well I guess the young sleep pretty good. I sometimes need a lot and on the other hand just a few hours.

G's Cottage said...

@Jenny - I can sleep too long at a stretch as well. There are people who think that's weird but then they aren't us are they?

@Margaret - I think the number one issue contributing to the general decline of sociality is sleep deprivation.