Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Butterfly muddling through

Wordless Wednesday . . .

Red_spotted Purple

A Red-spotted Purple Butterfly muddling in a tire track. Butterflies don't have mouths so they get moisture by muddling. And now you know.


Jenny said...

Beautiful Piccture! I really need to start taking pictures of things other than people! I would love to post them then!!

chelle said...

Ahh yes they have a "straw" as my preschooler likes to think of it as!

G's Cottage said...

@Jenny - It is always good to venture into a new area as an artist, however your bent may lie with people. Until I started taking photos for the paper the only people photos I took were family events. Taking people photos has bent my photography eye in new ways of seeing and has had a major impact on my column stories.

It might help if you just "force" yourself to snap anything that moves - or doesn't move - at first. Maybe you are hung up on trying to recreate an image you remember but what you saw was the final edit.

@Chelle - "straws" that is too cute.