Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Storm interruption

For those who are not aware of my location I have been dealing with the aftermath of the high wind events that struck southern Ohio on Sunday afternoon. I have power as of about 2 hours ago but no internet. I have borrowed an hour on my daughter's dial-up to check-in and update my regulars.

Even if I had Internet I would not have time to chat as I have a small amount of roof damage, three trees with major breaks and 0.68 acres to clean up including about a ton of debris to haul to environmental. I will post storm photos when I am able to get them off the camera and upload them.


chelle said...

egads! Be safe!

Melissa Donovan said...

Just stay safe and come back to us when you can!

dguzman said...

You guys over in Ohio really got slammed. We had some gusts, but nothing like what you had. Stay safe.