Saturday, December 13, 2008

2008 Year End Review; Introduction

clock on teh squareWell, it’s that time of year again. Time to look back over the year, and the goals and intentions set out nearly 12 months ago, and take stock.

I haven’t done a traditional New Year’s Resolution for a long time. I tend to frame my upcoming year by areas in which I want to see movement. Overall I call this my God List for the year; and in conjunction I look at who I want to be, what I want to do, and then the kinds of things I could have. Last year I accepted Christine Kane’s challenge to choose a word to influence the year, I actually chose two, and I’ll write a bit about that experience and the results.

This would be a gargantuan post if I undertook to cover everything at once. Of course everybody would stop reading about halfway through, too. So, I plan to tackle this in 4 installments including personal, writing and blogging, work and career, and miscellaneous. However, if another hot topic comes to light I could be persuaded to add another installment.

I hope that by sharing my own process that others will be encouraged to set a goal or an intention for the upcoming year. I have personally found this to be an amazing experience. The process often has a quite different outcome than I envisioned at the start. While that can sound foreboding it can also be part of the thrill of the adventure.

Whether or not a person has set goals and intentions at the beginning of the year, a year end review is still a beneficial exercise. By looking over where you find yourself after twelve months of living it is easier to see the positives and the negatives, as well as the successes and failures, in better balance than perhaps they looked in the moment.

So, do you have a habit of a year end review or are you thinking about giving it a try this year? Share in comments or your own post and tell us where to find it.

2008 Year End Review Series:

Part 1: Personal
Part 2: Writing and Blogging
Part 3: Work


chelle said...

I totally like to reflect and plan at New Years. The last few years have been consumed by babies and moving :) This year the same at least in part!

G's Cottage said...

@Chelle - I never truly enjoyed it until I got over the "resolution" farce. Now I feel like I'm doing something real instead of just a tradition for tradition's sake.

And you have a new home to create your new life in in Halifax.

Melissa Donovan said...

I reviewed my year last year and set goals too, but most of them changed as I learned more and more about what I was trying to accomplish. I did meet my biggest goal, which was to win NaNoWriMo, so I'm happy about that. This year will be more about setting goals (now that I know what I'm doing with my business/writing) than reviewing them.

I'm looking forward to reading your installments and Deb, it's good to see you blogging in words again ;)

Margaret Cloud said...

It is nice to set goals, however, you know what they say "the best plans set by mice and men". We all know no matter what we do things arise to change your life, nice post. I know of this year I would not live November again, too sad.

Mrs_Scotsman said...

I just did my review on my blog. Probably a little long, but your my mom so I think atleast you'll read it. OH! The author of a book I read and mentioned commented on my blog!

Anonymous said...

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