Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Earth - see it on the big screen

I almost missed the quiet release of this most recent Disney Nature film. That is sadly an accurate testament to how chaotic life has been lately and I appreciate everyone’s forbearance in the interim.

Getting back to Earth, the film that is, I have been addicted to Disney Nature films as far back as I can remember. Public opinion can rise and fall as to the narration or explanations of the events being viewed but there is never a question about the quality of the photography or editing and this film delivers on both counts. So, if you have narrow views about creation versus evolution take earplugs or tune out the narration and go just to enjoy scenery you can never take yourself to see in person.

Like typical Disney Nature films there are no human characters and the point of view is from the animals’ perspective. It is hard to remember then in the midst of watching a polar bear struggle for footing an a glacier or migrating birds beating their winds against a down-draft to get the altitude to cross the Himalayas that humans are risking their lives behind the scenes and behind the cameras to bring this scenery to the relatively safe and climate-controlled multiplex theater you are watching it in.

The theme of the film Earth is built around the circle of life. It follows some animals from birth through death. It follows the seasons as the Earth circles the Sun. It also, in a sense, follows the cycle of climate change and the changes that are thrust upon other cycles and circles that exist in life on Earth. Rather than delivering a scathing diatribe the film takes a different approach in that it offers evidence of effect and leaves the viewer to reflect and draw his or her own conclusion as to whether and what should be done to change the direction things seem to be heading.

Some staunch activists may view Earth as too soft and not confrontational enough to elicit changes on their timetable. However, sometimes it makes sense to leave the door open for a future dialogue than to insist on being right today. I personally hold with the first view over the second.

If you do go to see Earth, and I definitely recommend viewing it on a big screen in a theater to get the full effect even if it’s a discount house, be sure to add 8 minutes to your schedule to watch all the credits. In our rush-rush culture it is rare that viewers sit through the credits of a movie and in recent years the type has been smaller and literally flies by anyway, but this is a case where it is worth it to stay put and watch the whole thing because you will learn something.

If you do see Earth, come back and leave a comment.


chelle said...

We have not seen it but I know my kids will love it!

Mrs_Scotsman said...

Thanks for taking BekahBoo. She didn't last long in the water after that. But between the water, a bathroom trip and a stop by Cold Stone we were able to waste enough time until the eye doctor appointment.

Pieces of Me said...

We are nature lovers so this movie will be perfect!