Friday, June 5, 2009

Calling fear, fear

I will assume that not everyone who reads this blog frequents Seth Godin's blog. I can't imagine why not but we'll assume it's a time thing.

Anyway, If you have been reading here a while you know that while I may comment on other people's blogs about fear I tend to tip toe around the topic here. Considering the amount of information and the number of overt challenges to my ways of dealing with fear that is going to change; slowly mind you but it has to change.

One of the big and unavoidable messages about this need for change came yesterday on Seth's post about his recent MBA program. He highlights an ebook two students created as a result of their inspiration through the program. Their ebook and website is fearlessstories and there is a companion blog. If you are being bullied by fear, or are motivated to overcoming your fears you need to read these stories, they are that good. So don't just sit there click already.

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