Thursday, November 12, 2009

Forgotten sacrifice of veterans’ families


Yesterday was Veterans Day. It is right and proper to set aside a day for remembering the sacrifices our Armed Forces Veterans have made and many continue to make.

But there is a group of people who have given as much, and in some cases more, who really never receive the recognition their sacrifices deserve. Those are the families of veterans; the parents and wives and siblings and children whose sacrifice of a normal life made it possible for their loved one to devote a period of time to serving and defending their country.

Sometimes the effect on the families of veterans is dismissed as a temporary inconvenience, but the changes to the whole family and every member of it are as significant and permanent as those of the veterans themselves. And yet so often they are unrecognized and under appreciated for their contributions.

It doesn’t require an act of Congress or a date on the calendar or a monument or a cheesy certificate signed by the President to acknowledge someone’s contribution and express appreciation.

Do you know a veteran’s family member? Does she or he know their country appreciates their service too?

Note: In the interest of full disclosure; I am the former wife of a United States Air Force Retired Officer.

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