Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Word of the Year: Accomplish

letter_AWould it be redundant to say that arriving at this year’s word-of-the-year has been an accomplishment? Perhaps it is but the task of settling on a word-of-the-year was not a small undertaking to accomplish.

Settling on a word-of-the-year is a process that is at once satisfying and bewildering. I prefer the idea of settling on a word because it conveys a richness of process that I find lacking in the terms choosing or being chosen.

My process actually started by looking at the influence past words have had on my life and journey. At the same time I started writing down words that intrigued me and noted their context. Over the next few days and weeks there was an ongoing cycle of funneling, sifting and tamping. At its peak there were a dozen words in contention for this year’s word.

However, it has been the question at the bottom of my vision board “What do you want to accomplish this year” that has really been challenging me. The past two years have been earmarked by upheaval. While it is true that I got done the things I had to do for myself and the situation; what’s lacking has been a sense of accomplishment in addition to seeing the tasks checked-off.

Last year my word was cultivate and the focus was on cultivating a place physically, spiritually, emotionally, and fiscally to grow my life and work and relationships. Now, that the initial stump removal, tilling, disking, fertilizing and irrigating has prepared my little acre, it is time to plan and plant the first crops.

I am not at a loss for potential crops because I have an overflowing greenhouse of starts waiting their turn to be transferred to the new plot. This growth idea brings a different dimension to the idea of accomplish. Some of the plants will grow and produce a crop or more plants; others will fail to thrive; and still others will either remain hothouse plants or be traded for others.

I will not be ignoring the measurement aspects to which accomplish alludes; instead I intend to include sensing accomplishment whether on my own behalf or other not just in checking things off the list but in the deliberated selection of what does and does not make the list. But an even more important perspective is the daily sense of accomplishment of having lived each day well.


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Melissa Donovan said...

Okay, I'm tripping out because I responded to your comment over at my blog a little while ago and said something about this being the year of accomplishment. Then, I come here and lo and behold! Word of the year: Accomplish.

Great minds think alike...

Here's to accomplishing all of our goals in 2010 and the years that follow!