Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February focus

winter_shadowsToday is fondly known as Groundhog Day. While the lowly groundhog may have no real influence on the length of winter remaining the focus on shadows is appropriate this time of year since sunlight is hard to come by for us northerners.

The photo was actually taken earlier on a sunny day which we are not enjoying today. These long skinny shadows produced by the still low lying sun are an illustration in perspective.

As I have mentioned before my word for the year is accomplish and my goal is to move beyond plans and analysis and accomplish things this year. As I was thinking over what to write about today it came to me that maybe posting twice a week is too much for February; maybe it's too much for some time into this year.

So I am doing an experiment for this month where my regular weekly post will be on Thursdays. But I hold open the option to post on Tuesdays anytime something comes up.

Thanks for understanding.


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