Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why I deserve an “A”

letter_AThis is a follow up to a post I wrote in January titled Do you give yourself an “A” where I offered some questions on which I was reflecting in the course of creating – or shifting – my outlook from survival to being an “A.” So I have written my own “why I deserve an ‘A’” letter.

December 31, 2010

I deserve an “A” this year because I have been giving myself permission to not just stand firm and defend myself from the storms of life but to take risks on my own behalf to create a different life from the past as I have previously done on behalf of others.

In order to consider this approach I first had to see myself as a person of worth who had many talents and a vision for living. Second I had to accept that my talents and vision were available for my benefit and not solely to benefit the rest of the world.

I had to start seeing myself as an “A” and start treating myself as one in order to see others as “A’s” and in turn to allow others to see the “A” in me. From this “A” perspective I have been able to start seeing the past and its downsides not as handicaps but as part of the education and training for the rest of my life as an “A” person.

Some of the things I have learned this year:

- I have learned to not just analyze and reflect on the past but to use the wisdom gained to move into and create a new life and a new outlook.

- I have learned to see that the hard circumstances of the past and even the present have not just made me strong they have also imparted a measure of resilience.

- I have learned that too much strength can be rigid or brittle whereas the addition of resilience, rather than being viewed as a weakness, can impart qualities that allow for absorbing shock and changes in situations and circumstances.

Previously my focus was on strength and being strong over other qualities, like resilience, and the speed and agility those can bring to moving through both adversity and transition. Now life no longer resembles a forced march with a full pack through the jungle. Rather it feels more like a dance at a cotillion with the ebb and flow of the music cuing the movements to step, dip, or turn in fluid expression and allowing for improvisation to reinvent the form.

Already I have been able to invent new connections to the world and have been able to create avenues to encourage others to see and draw upon their varied talents and qualities to move toward and create their new lives.

As I look ahead to the coming year I see even more possibilities to extend this connection to the world in ways that will be even more fluid and creative than those so far. I look forward to every new day and its challenges as well as its rewards.

Note: "Giving an 'A,'" and the context of the “'A' letter," are from The Art of Possibility, Zander & Zander, 2000. The idea is to write a letter dated in the future about why you deserve an “A” for how you have lived and approached life in the intervening time.

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Melissa Donovan said...

I kind of feel the same way right now, though I think for me, these feelings are mostly in the business arena. I sense that I've crossed some threshold and I'm really excited about the future. I am looking forward to continuing the journey and reading about your adventures too!