Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If they build it; would we ride?

The proposal to create a National Bike Trail Network

It seems that cyclists have an unexpected advocate in Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. In a story on NPR A National Network of Bike Trails? It Could Happen LaHood is proposing an interstate network of dedicated bike trails to increase the availability of biking as an everyday transportation option.

Of course this begs a question related to last Friday’s post about biking and texting, Look Mom, no thumbs! What will this expanded bike trail network mean in terms of the prospect of needing to regulate this increasing number of bike riders much the way that increasing volumes of cars on the roads necessitated traffic controls and regulation?

In a related story on NPR California Cyclists Split on Two-Wheel Texting Ban one regulation already starting to show up at least as proposed legislation and regulation is texting while bike riding. Several states including California have already seen versions of this and some areas which recently passed no texting while driving regulations now believe that bicyclists should have been included.

As a dedicated cyclist I find this an intriguing possibility and look forward to how all this will sort out.

If you could safely do so, would you bike to work and other routine destinations? Do you believe biking operator and traffic regulations will make biking safer? If there were a national interconnected dedicated bike trail system would you try a biking vacation or road trip?

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