Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby steps: have faith in someone else's faith

When you have trouble having faith in yourself, sometimes the best thing you can do – at least at first until your own faith has a chance to grow and get strong – is to have faith in others’ faith in you.

A month ago I was invited to become part of a local leadership core. It was, on one hand, an answer to a question I had privately journaled just a few days earlier about being more involved. On the other hand it came on a day when I was buried under a lot of unfinished business.

It was fairly evenly divided between reasons I could say yes and the doubts that were masquerading as reasons to say no. If you’re acquainted with doubts you know they can always make themselves bigger and louder than any other voices.

But it was two very quiet heart voices that turned the tide. The first was along the lines of “These are smart people who have been getting to know you for three years. They have faith in you; why not have faith in their faith?” The second was more sharply worded about “if you decline the offer you will regret it like you always do.”

So I said “yes.” But really that’s not the amazing part, as amazing as that is; the truly amazing part is that so far I am completely relaxed and comfortable with this. I don’t feel anxious to prove they didn’t make a mistake, which is my usual habit and that just makes life hard for everybody.

Like all new ventures there is a learning curve but I am not the only novice and the group has a lot of experience orienting people of varying skills and experience. So I am looking forward to becoming a contributor at this new level which I also see as a positive challenge and source of influence in my current growth phase.

This was about my personal experience with acting on others’ faith in me, but I read over the weekend where Havi wrote about a similar experience in the post Something to Believe in.

Have you ever had someone who had faith in you or believed in your dream when you didn’t believe or have faith in yourself?

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