Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The 2010 Mid-year Review

As I announced last week it is once again time for the dreaded mid-year review. Although why we dread reviews, when even the less than charming discoveries turn out to be beneficial, will probably never be resolved.

For those who are newer here or don’t remember my goals and intentions here is the list from January’s post:

Career/work, Financial, Writing, Self-care, Photography/art, Relational, Biking, Travel, Volunteer and Public Speaking

This list was developed before the notion of doing a year of experiments was conceived but it essentially became the framework for creating such a plan. Now that said, the way things are lining up and working out in the real-time life experiments deviates from this linear model. However, I am less concerned about the model than I am about engaging in useful experiments in all these areas.

My career and work experiments have been rising out of my volunteering. My commitment to a regular volunteer slot has since launched me into a role of responsibility directing a project which was totally unexpected. My volunteer project is giving me ways to experiment in writing, photography, relating and networking, and public speaking. The actual tasks are not new to me because I did them in my student days but I hadn’t seen that what was done in the class context could become a springboard to real work until the needs of this project came along.

While these developments are exciting and promising, it’s not all beer and skittles yet. I still have to frame the new ideas into an income generating platform which takes time, but I have a coaching appointment. Also my personal income took a hit with the change of papers and will take time to rebuild. So financially things are essentially unchanged from six months ago.

Things that have either not changed or have moved backwards are the maintenance and travel and biking. Maintenance and self-care issues are being closely monitored and I am doing every self-help or DIY project I am able for the short-term. Travel looks highly unlikely this year unless there is a significant change financially.

My personal but unstated biking goal for the year was to ride 1000 miles between long trail rides and around town destination rides. In the past week I have had to adjust that goal. This is a particularly hot and muggy summer compared to last summer. There have also been many strings of rainy stormy weather which even the diehards were not biking in.

Just over a week ago, after a long morning ride to make up for a rainy week, I became overheated doing a photo shoot in an open field. Fortunately I recognized and caught it early. In reviewing the cascade of events it seems that the combination of the two activities is the likely culprit since each on its own has not been a problem previously. The result is that I have to take off the pressure to get the biking miles met. For one thing my life is significantly busier than a year ago and many things I have to do are not within reach of biking even if the weather was cooperative.

While I still hope and plan to do a half-century ride this season it will have to wait for much cooler weather. I also will not do it alone which means I will have to find another rider with comparable skills and training to ride along. For my overall goal, I am not setting a total mileage but instead consider any month where I can ride at least one mile farther than the previous will be a bonus month.

Overall, the year looks good within the context of it being just over a year since my divorce was final. Of course I had hopes to have made more progress in some areas. Yet when I look at myself and how well I am functioning on the inside – emotionally, spiritually and mentally – I can give myself some leeway for slower progress on external matters.


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